Leader: --
Home Port: KDX995
Affiliation: UFS
Technical Specs.
Working Crew: several hundred
Seats: approx. 1500
Build: Falcon-class Battleship
Length: 1,750 meters
Mass: 117,000 tons
Flash Drive: Yes
Flash Velocity: 2.2L/y day
Hull: 10 meters of titanium alloy armor


Built in the Orbital Shipyard above Callis, the primary construction planet of the UFS military and the planet is also used for training purposes. The Titan was one of the first 5 Falcon-class Battleships of 20 total that ended up being constructed before moving to the newer class. The Titan is old at 90 years but has been revamped a number of times to meet with modern Battleship standards and is still one of the trademark names in the UFS Navy.

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