Full Name: Makayla Rae Glass
Alias: Makayla
Age: 27
Race: Human
Home HIR: Chimera III
Marital Status: single
Sexual Pref.: gay
Known Family: Machavelli Jorden Glass (brother), Michalla Caye Glass (sister)
Crew: Hermes
Occupation: Navigator
Height: 5'9"
Build: athletic/lean
Hair: blonde
Eye: blue
Blood Type: AB
Player: Darkkitty
Avatar: Scarlett Johansson


Normal Attire: white tank top, black bra, khaki or camo cargo pants and military boots. Occasionally she'll put on a pullover if it's cold enough.



Born to the profoundly wealthy and shady Glass family. Makayla along with her sister Michalla and brother Machavelli lived lives of luxury and privilege. Machavelli, the oldest, was primed to lead their family into a new era of wealth and prosperity when a Chimera III government task force assisted by the UFS struck. Makayla was never fully aware of her family's dealings but they were dirty enough to land Machavelli at the age of 16 into the Max prison on Hedom, Makayla was only 9 at the time left in the primary custody of her family's servants. Michalla and Makayla depended heavily upon one another for the next 10 years until their brother was finally released from prison. By that time Makayla and Michalla had heard of the family business which included money laundering, bribing politicians, and illegal arms dealing as their primary source of income. Makayla was appalled at her own family's behavior, as was Michalla, but when their brother came back in the mix he'd learned tons of new tricks on how to run their family business while in prison and wanted to rebuild the family's empire. She did not wish to see her family torn apart again by crime, and didn't want to get mixed up with her brother since he didn't seem to have changed at all. At that time, Michalla and Makayla parted ways, Makayla began working in night clubs and restaurants on Chimera III until a chance encounter with a mineral trader, Gabe McDaniel, when she was 20. He offered her a spot on his crew to learn the ropes and get away from Chimera III and she took it. Joining the crew as a wrench-hand before finding her way to the cockpit acting as the Hermes' navigator where she has remained for the past 7 yrs.


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